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What is Branding? Does my Business Need it?

Have you ever met a business owner who handed you their card and the "logo" on it was hard to read? And have you then noticed the logo that was applied to their vehicle or sign didn't quite look the same as the one they had on their card? And then when you visited their website, you found that they had yet another slightly different logo there?

This is what we call an "identity crisis". It's usually caused by a business owner with a "do it yourself" or "do it cheap" mentality. Why pay someone else to do this when I can manage it myself right? This is a big problem if you want to build a strong business identity for a couple of reasons:

1) It doesn't look very professional, and people generally don't trust businesses that aren't professional.

2) It is confusing for clients because often a business with this type of inconsistency can actually appear to be two or even three different businesses with the same name.

In general, it sets the expectations of potential clients pretty low and can sometimes scare them away.

So yes, in short your business needs branding. Proper branding.

Your brand is the "face" of your business, much like your signage is the "clothing" your business wears. Your logo is the main component of that face, but there is much more to it than that. A well designed brand controls how the logo is used and dictates colours and placement so that there is continuity between the different applications of your brand such as stationery, signage, advertisements, uniforms, website, etc.

Just because you own a small or medium sized business doesn't mean you shouldn't be working with a professional graphic designer. Much like a carpenter would build your house, a good graphic designer has the proper tools and knowledge to build your brand from the ground up. In the end your business will have its own unique brand personality that is consistent, professional and helps invite people to do business.

This will help grow your business faster and attract better clientele.

Services that lie outside our in house talents...

What we can't produce in house for you we can provide through our network of trade partners:

• Branded apparel; Screen printed and embroidered uniforms, hats, sportswear and apparel

• Long run product packaging and labeling

• Event displays; Pop up tents, flags, table cloths, stretch fabric displays

• Printed Stationery: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, flyers, brochures, NCR forms

• Illuminated signage & LED displays

• Wide format oversized banners

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